My skin care journey is one of growing and teaching, and I do that with each client at my side.  This journey has become my passion, my love, an artistic expression of myself. Each client’s skin is my canvas: each area of pigmentation, each acne breakout, each wrinkle, or area of dryness a challenge to diagnose, to discover, to understand and to treat, to enhance a work of art. 

In this journey each of my clients is afforded the opportunity to age gracefully, to gain the confidence of walking through life with no, or very little make-up, to know that there is another woman looking out for them, caring for them, ensuring that their skins reflect their inner beauty.

I did not want to become just another somatologist or skin care therapist.  I needed more.  My search for a foundational course that would marry skin care science with plastic surgery became exceedingly important, and I finally became qualified in the Pastiche Method – a technique which accurately determines skin types and skin conditions.  The method focuses on identifying the causes of skin conditions and developing appropriate interventions, rather than focusing on symptoms only.    Florence Barrett-Hill, the founder of the Pastiche Method considers the Skin Diagnostician as one of the new occupations of the new millennium, and I wanted to be on the forefront of what is new, effective, and science-driven.

Every brand and each product in that brand is extensively researched before it is used or recommended.  It is essential that the products and treatments must be backed by science and research – augmenting a plastic surgery practice makes this imperative.  I only recommend (and personally use) scientifically proven and results-driven brands, products, and treatments. This small range of carefully selected brands are chosen based on their performance and the results they deliver.  Most of my clients invest in their skin care within a limited budget, and cost-effectiveness is important. 

My experience has led me to believe that a multi-layered approach to skin care is the most effective one: skin care and skin treatments combined with devices are the foundation of my skin care.

I do not pamper my clients – they come to me because they trust me to deliver results cost-effectively.  They know I act with integrity and with their interests at heart. 

The science of skin care is ever evolving, challenging and inspiring.  I learn about new, exciting developments almost every week, so research has become an integral part of my life.

I have been part of Dr Struwig’s practice since the 16th of July 2001.  I qualified with a Masters Degree in Marketing and a Doctorate in Business Management. I lectured in Marketing and Business Management at the University of Stellenbosch for four years, managed my family’s manufacturing and retail jewellery business for seventeen years and committed to medical practice management full time when my parents retired. Today I am still involved in Dr Struwig’s practice management, where I ensure that he and his clinical team can focus on patient care, while our administrative team takes care of the administrative necessities.

Skin care has always been a part of our practice journey.  However, the path was strewn with frustrations and stumbling blocks.  We have had several therapists join us in the practice, doing excellent work, but never totally buying into our practice philosophy.  Over the years I attended all their training sessions, had all the treatments, and started to appreciate the importance of skin care and skin treatments in our practice, yet remained frustrated at not being able to make it happen how we needed it to happen.

This all changed in 2015, when I joined Dr Struwig on an unplanned academic trip to Greece.  Over a dinner my passion and understanding of where skin care and skin treatment should fit into a plastic surgery practice, as well as my vast knowledge of skin care and skin treatments impressed an Italian plastic surgeon enough to encourage me to consider a new career.  Dr Struwig’s support and encouragement was all I needed.