My skin care and skin treatment philosophy stems from my complete fascination with the largest organ of the human body.  Skin is also indisputably the most abused and the most resilient organ of the human body.

It plays an integral part in my journey as part of a plastic surgery practice: when Dr Struwig performs surgery,  he manipulates skin in creative and technical ways to serve his purpose, sometimes temporarily using artificial skin substitutes while he waits for the patient’s own skin to regenerate; at other times borrowing pieces of it to cover holes too large to close by any other means.  It always serves as a canvas that reflects his skill, his art and his passion.  And as an artist he prefers his canvas to be well prepared, and healthy.  A well prepared and healthy canvas will exhibit his artwork to its best.

 I am therefore truly blessed to be part of Dr Struwig’s team.  I share his passion for skin and my purpose in this regard is to augment his work by supporting skin care and skin treatments that focus on creating a healthy skin. 

Anti-aging as a skin care and skin treatment philosophy is the main cause for disappointment.  Anti-aging is a losing battle and sets us up for failure.  Instead, I prefer to focus on attaining a healthy skin, because a healthy skin is achievable, and healthy skins age well. 

I also believe in selling a result, rather than a single product, a single ingredient, or a single treatment modality. With experience comes wisdom, and I have learnt that best results require combination therapies.  When my clients choose to add surgery into the mix, skin care and skin treatments enhance surgical results synergistically.

Results may not always satisfy expectations – I can only work with the canvas nature presents to me, but I know that, after having committed and completed a skin care and skin treatment program, my clients will have healthy skins, even if the final results are not perfect.  Healthy skins are beautiful, despite chronological aging.

My skin care and skin treatments are approached scientifically and focus on determining the underlying causes of each client’s skin condition, so that I can determine what needs to be done and how many treatments are necessary. I use scientifically proven ingredients that link to each client’s skin condition.  This is supported by extensive knowledge of the cell functions and life cycles of each cell in the skin so that I can accurately intervene with the correct treatment at the correct time of each cell’s life cycle, hence harnessing the power of nature to my advantage.

I aim high, but I am realistic in what can be achieved.  And I walk this journey with each client at my side.