Objectivity about skin quality, skin appearance and the success of skin care treatments or skin care products is difficult, unless one has the right tools available. Visia Complexion Analysis can assist in ensuring objectivity.

The computer-controlled Visia ensures that a patient’s facial photography is standardized before, between and after the use of products or undergoing treatments. Visia also allows recording of standard, cross polarized and UV photography that measures surface and subsurface skin conditions. Visia then analyses the patient’s skin for eight different features, allowing a customized product and treatment recommendation program to address each of the concerns. At return visits to purchase new products, or to undergo treatments, comparisons can be made to previous sessions to see what improvements have been made, and to determine what changes might be necessary.

The Visia Skin Imaging system by Canfield Scientific is the most advanced skin analysis system in the world, and is used in high level dermatological studies by the world’s top experts.  It forms an integral part of our skin care and skin treatment offering, assisting us with developing individualised treatment programs for each patient.