Advanced Skin Analysis takes the guess work out of skin care.

A full Advanced Skin Analysis not only focuses on your current skin health, but specifically investigates the underlying causes of individual skin problems. With the knowledge of how these causes have influenced and are influencing the skin’s structure, functions, cells and systems, recommendations can be made to address these problems.

Skin health and skin aging are influenced by intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic factors are genetically programmed, like your skin color and your skin type. These factors cannot be changed but helps the professional skin care diagnostician to understand the risks involved in treating your skin.

Extrinsic factors are those you have been exposed to every day since the day you were born, and which have a direct bearing on the aging process and your skin health, your skin structure, and your skin function, and includes nutrition, medical history, lifestyle habits and your cosmetic history.  By understanding how your lifestyle choices influence your skin aging and skin health, you can learn to make different decisions. And if your skin care diagnostician understands how these factors have impacted on your skin health, skin structure, skin cells and skin functions, suggestions can be made for appropriate products and treatments that will improve and address these issues.

An advanced skin analysis consultation will take about an hour to complete, and will also discover your preferences, your willingness to comply to treatment protocols, and your budget, so that a professional journey can follow: a journey that will include the best treatment plan for you, consisting of in house treatments, elimination of inappropriate treatments and products, and only the necessary home products that will make a difference to your skin.

Advanced skin analysis is the most important stepping stone to successful, professional and credible skin care.