The basic principles of microneedling are well-researched, and significant technological and scientific advancements have been made regarding the devices used to perform needling, the process of needling and how to attain the best results.

During the needling treatment the needling device causes thousands of micro-wounds as needles penetrate the skin during a painless treatment. These minute injuries activate the wound-healing cascade, which causes the skin to produce its own collagen, to release other factors that assist in rejuvenation of the skin and in the re-arrangement of the cellular structures in a more orderly fashion.

Microneedling can be used to address:

  • Rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté, hands and body 
    • Fine lines and wrinkles, including lip wrinkles, wrinkles around the eyes
    • Lax (loose) skin
    • Photo-damaged skin
    • Rejuvenation of the hands
  • “Purification” of the skin 
    • Pigmentation
    • Texture issues
    • Dull-looking skin
  • Scar improvement
    • Surgical scars
    • Burn scars
    • Stretch marks
    • Acne scars
    • Chicken pox scars
    • Keloid scars
  • Hair restoration in cases of alopecia