Showing emotion every day through facial movement is normal, but years of laughing and frowning can take its toll. Sometimes the evidence is endearing, but when colleagues or friends start saying you always look angry or tired, Botox could be the answer. Lines and wrinkles caused by overactive movement of some facial muscles can be treated with Botox.

Suitable patients

Botox has many medical uses, including treatment of blepharospasm, excessive sweating and cerebral palsy. Botox has also been successfully used to treat chronic pain due to grinding of teeth.

You could consider Botox treatments if:

  • You suffer from lines and wrinkles caused by the overactive use of your facial muscles, such as forehead lines, crow’s feet and bunny lines on the nose. Sometimes smile lines around the mouth can also be treated.
  • You suffer from banding of the platysmal muscles of the neck.

The following cannot be corrected/removed or improved by Botox:

  • Permanent deep furrows or lines.
  • Excess skin of the face or neck.
  • Thin lips.

These problems can be corrected by dermal fillers, facelift surgery or neck lift or liposuction.