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Dr Struwig

I really felt that I needed to write this to you. Sometimes in life we are so quick to complain when we receive poor service, that I feel we should be equally eager to give credit where it is due.

As you well know this pandemic has been very difficult for all of us, in various ways.. And still is...
often its been difficult to see the blessings in disguise, the moments to be grateful for and the silver linings...

Being referred to you by total strangers on facebook and meeting you has definitely been one of the few highlights of 2020 for me thus far.

If it was not for you and your kindness and generosity, I would not have been able to remove this lipoma that had been bothering me, every single day for about 4 years. It affected my confidence as I was constantly conscious of this unwanted addition to my face and was also a concern as I wasnt sure exactly what it was or if it would grow.

I can't thank you enough not only for making it possible for me financially (due to me not working right now) but also for the manner in which you treated me as a human being and patient. You explained everything to me in tremendous detail and in the most friendly and bubbly manner. Ive never come across a dr so commited to a patients wellbeing. You had a kindness that made me feel safe and at ease from the moment we met over the phone, to the day we met in person and throughout my surgery. I felt completely comfortable, like i was engaging with friends.. safe and trusting you every step of the way. Amori is equally as wonderful and so is the rest of your team..

I'm forever grateful to have met you.
Continue being the amazing person you are. The world needs more of your kindness. So often one feels in many fields that people do jobs with money as the main objective but one can tell you really have a love for your patients that goes beyond money. I cant stop telling people about my experience with you and I will continue to do so . Thats the impact you've had on me..

I pray your practice goes from strength to strength and that more people will have the privilege of experiencing your stellar services and your kind heart.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

Warmest Regards

Dear Dr Struwig,

I just want to thank you for the manner in which you dealt with the costs of my recent operations. Had you not discounted your fees I would not have been able to afford to have these procedures done.

Prior to my operations the pain in my ear and surrounding areas had brought me to tears on a number of occasions. Touch wood, as I write to you I have no pain other than the sensitivity around the stitches.

You have over the past years performed three surgical procedures that have had profound positive effect on my day to day living……. Thank you for that.
In another time in my life when affordability would not have been an issue and with you having spent many years studying, your professional fees would have been worth every cent.
As I moved through the years of my life, I have become aware of what I call, The web of Life, … Paths of individual lives touching each other at different times, not randomly, but obeying predestined instructions.

I lived in Johannesburg for 20 years, the last four of those needing plastic surgery. I never planned the move to Cape Town until suddenly 4 months earlier when a circumstance arose that we decided to move without any trepidation, to relocate to Cape Town, and doing this at the advanced age of 79 years old.

We purchased a home located less than 1 km from the Hospital, that, within 5 months I would use the services of a surgeon, to whom I had been recommended to visit by another medical professional, Whom I never knew existed, until my sister in law, was introduced to him while she attended at a social engagement. Hence my introduction to you……Good Luck ???? Coincidence ???? Or ….. “ The Web Of Life”

Thanks For everything
Best Regards

Dear Dehan and team,

As your newsletter graciously thanked everyone , we would like to echo our thanks and praise.

The care at every level was outstanding, everything ran smoothly and according to plan and guidelines. The warmth and efficiency made the whole experience easy.
We also appreciated the way you dealt with discovery , again taking the stress away from us. At all times we felt safe and are most appreciative that you offered this service during challenging times.

We wish you all good health , stay safe .

Warm regards
S and G C

Dear Kash and Dr Struwig.

I just wanted to thank you both so much for your highly professional service. You made me feel confident and cared for. Thank you for taking the time and discussing everything with me. I was surprised how neat my cuts were and am feeling really good. The world has been lifted off my shoulders. All the best,

B, N, H and M

Dear Dehan and Amori
When I heard that my stitches were dissolvable I was so relieved that I would not have to make another visit to the hospital, but then I realized that neither would I be able to see you again so that I could thank you both in person for all you have done for me.

My gratitude stretches over a period of two-and- a-half years from the time when I first met you, Dehan, behind your mask in the operating theatre.  I had been taken to Emergency after a fall and you kindly agreed to fit me into your tight schedule at the end of the day.  I still marvel at the way you pulled all that broken skin on my arm and leg back into place and stitched it with those tiny stitches leaving hardly any scarring at all.

Since then you have removed several  growths from my arms and neck that you weren't happy with, one of which I tried to wriggle out of, without success, because you are not prepared to take any chances with the patients you care for.   Then your latest kindness a month ago when S phoned you after my fall and you both came back to the hospital from your home, at the end of the day, to patch me up. At the time my knees and face looked terrible, but your skill with the needle and  Amori's  knowledge about the whereabouts of all the tools you needed, combined to do a magnificent job. Just 4 weeks later they have healed perfectly.

Your kindness has been accompanied by a generosity that I cannot find words to thank you enough for so I have remembered your words ' to pay it forward' and I have done just that. May the care and generosity you so willingly give to others be returned to you both a hundred fold.

With best wishes and virtual hugs to you both and please keep safe.

V( and S ), June 2020

Dear Dehan Struwig 

Morning  Hope you are well and taking care of yourself. We would also like to include Lynda and Sr Beryl I think her name is for the gracious treatment we received from all of you with L’s recent bicycle foot injury.  You all came to our assistance in our time of need so graciously during these unprecedented times for all of us. 

Doctor your manner and humour is not to go unnoticed and recognised.  We wish your practice well for the future and also thank you for being there for us and our extended family in our time of need.

You keep well and may you all go from strength to strength . Thank you once again for your kindness in manner and deed.

Yours GR & as discussed with L, June 2020

Good morning Dr Struwig

Thank you so much for your Newsletter - received 21.11. I was thrilled and delighted to receive your newsletter. Fascinating. Interesting. I'm looking forward to reading it again (and again!) when I have the time to enjoy and take it all in.

I knew when I briefly met you that you were an unusual and remarkable human being. And I am honoured that you have included me in your no-doubt lengthy list of eager recipients of your very special mails expressing your thoughts and ideas.

We are all very fortunate that you are so kind as to share these with us 'ordinary' beings. And may I suggest that you put your thoughts in a book? It would be a delight to have on one's bookshelf.

Thank you again - I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your having included me in your email list.

Kind regards

CM, November 2019

Dear Dear Dr Struwig, Amori, Sister Beryl and Kash

Many thanks for all your care and hard work to make this time I could spend improving my life cheerfully and painlessly. Dr Struwig thank you for your magic in theater and sense of humor that carried me through this. It was my first time really under the knife and you made it all rather painless.

Amori thank you for all your patience in describing all the procedures etc to me initially, the texts with the healing process plus completing all the documentation from all the service providers I needed to use. It really was a lot. I truly appreciate it.

To sister Beryl thank you so much for all the care in hospital and the Drs rooms. You are a saint. My Mom and I learnt a lot from your techniques in taking care of the wounds,.

To Kash and the other receptionists, thank you for your kind service always. Also for keeping me up to date with everything.

Its going to be very weird not to drive to the hospital now and come and see you all. It has been life changing and enriching. This has also given me and my Mom an opportunity to bond, in a way we haven't done for years. So thank you so much.

I will keep you posted on the further healing that will take place.

Yours Sincerely

J-N L, August 2019

Dear Amori

I’ve just seen you, and when I left you said my skin looks happy, you know what, that's exactly right, my skin has never been happier, thanks to you.

Having rosacea is no fun and from when I met you a year ago my rosacea has been under control for the first time in 20 years.

J, August 2019

Good Morning,

I know I can share this with you as you have been a part of my journey.

Today 26.04.2019 I woke up 2 years ago with a dimple in my right breast. I wondered what that was but deep inside I knew I am in trouble (working in medical work doesn’t help).

I still remember how hard it was not to be afraid. How hard it is not to withdraw from the world. How hard it is to not allow your mind to run away with you. How hard it is not to be scared to death and how hard it was to take my friends, family and doctors hands to walk this journey. Being an independent and strong woman I didn’t want to lean on anyone but I learned that you can’t push those away that wants to be there for you.

On the 02.05.2019, 2 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The fear that ran through my body and mind was incredible. The decisions you have to make is overwhelming. Do you do a lumpectomy, single mastectomy or a double mastectomy. Do you do immediate reconstruction or take the reconstruction slowly. Do you fight and do chemo or do you say an operation is just enough.

I still remember that Dr. Struwig was on leave the 31st of May 2017 when I had my double mastectomy and he came to visit me 5 days after my operation in Cedar Ward. I remember when he sat down with me and with his smile, gentle words and knowledge he put all my fears regarding my reconstruction to rest. I still remember him telling me to go through the chemo and when I am done he will be there for me to help me with the reconstruction. I immediately felt at ease and I knew that if anyone is going to build me boobs it will be him and only him.

I did the chemo, and in May 2018 I started the reconstruction journey with such an excellent doctor and his team. I sometimes wonder why I got breast cancer but then I look at all the wonderful people I have met in these 2 years and if I didn’t get cancer I would not have known they even exist. If I didn’t get cancer how am I going to educate men and woman to do their checks. If I didn’t get cancer how would I support those that do.

Thank you for making me feel like a woman again. Not having breasts doesn’t define you as a person or as a woman however looking in a mirror and seeing the scars and no breasts, you can’t help but feel incomplete however with this team I can with confidence go forward and face the world. I do feel like a woman again, even though my last surgery is still to be done.

Having Boobs is awesome!!!!!!!.

May 2019

Thank you Dr Struwig and your wonderful team.

Friendly professional service.

I highly recommend Dr Struwig. He is arguably the best plastic and reconstructive surgeon in CT.

A master in his field. A couple of years ago I had an accident, it would have left a really nasty scar, today its virtually invisible.
He has my permission to show the photo.

Jackie, February 2019

Hello Dr Strüwig (and associates)

Dr Dehan “rescued” me from Melanoma at the end of February, 2013. I recently went through my records and was astonished to discover how quickly time has passed, five plus, soon to be six, years ago. At the recommendation of Dr Dehan, I, on returning to my corner of the woods in Queenstown, approached a dermatologist / plastic surgeon in East London, Doctor Tim Perks by name, and asked him to do the recommended“Mole-Mapping” for me at required intervals (I live in Queenstown, and East London (200km) is the closest place for specialist medical care. Dr Tim Perks seems to be very satisfied with me, because, at my last mole-mapping session on 1 October 2018 he said to me : “See you in two years’ time” (as he has done for a few years now). This surely shows how accurate and thorough the treatment I received from Dr Dehan has been. For this I am deeply, deeply, grateful, and even if I am communicating with you, Dr Dehan, after so many years, I, in my thoughts have never ceased to thank you. The life of a very dear friend of mine, the former Catholic Bishop of Port Elizabeth, Bishop Michael Coleman’s life was ended by Melanoma (he died on 17 December 2011). He had been well treated, was in remission, but it was not noticed that the melanoma had returned… and then it was too late: it had entered the brain of this dear friend of mine.

In describing what had happened to me, I sometimes say to people that Dr Dehan even seemed apologetic: “I had to cut very deep,” he said, “to make sure I got everything.” Well I’d rather have a hole in my back, than be “extinguished” by melanoma. On the contrary, the “hole” in my back is a like a trophy!! “He [the doctor] did it well!!. You bet he did!

Dr Dehan please receive my very, very grateful THANK YOU for what you did for me end of February, 2013 (I have even forgotten the exact day).

May God bless your work. May God be praised for the kindness, the enormous expertise, the helpfulness, the cheerfulness and good humour with which He has blessed you, Dr Dehan.

Yours very sincerely

Fr B J R, December 2018

Dear Dr Struwig and Amori,

Now that the swelling is down and the bruising clear I must thank you for the most superb result in the mouth/lip area. It all looks so natural and lipstick is now a much easier task to apply. I am so thrilled with the result and feel so much more confidant and more accepting of the ageing process.

Thank you for your very kind attention and making me feel so much more accepting of the honor of the ageing process.

Sending my fondest love and gratitude to the two most wonderful human beings.

PP, October 2018

Good Afternoon

A great big thank you to you and Dr Struwig for The  awesome professional treatment that I Have received = am very very grateful !!

KV, August 2018

Dearest Dr. Struwig,

My husband and I are overwhelmed at your outstanding News Letter dated May 2018 and must congratulate you most sincerely on this letter and all the information.

I am ever grateful to you and your special wife Amore for the wonderful attention you gave me on repairing my left damaged hand, which was very bad yet you both managed to do the repair so perfectly with no surgery but your wonderful knowledge of wound treatment.

I am most interested in the launch in September of little secrets on the Plastic Surgery side and will make an appointment to learn more .

I send my very fondest love to Amore and special love to her from my husband .

Thank you for including me on the mailing list of this wonderful and beautifully written News Letter.

Fondest Regards.

PP, May 2018

Dear Dehan and Amori, 

I just want to express my gratitude to you both on the way to handled my minor yet sensitive issue. You have both been extremely helpful and understanding, and explained everything to me so precisely and professionally. I really appreciate that. I am very happy with the results of the filler and so glad we seem to have found the solution. 

Warm regards

JP, May 2018

I just want to say a very big thank you for such a streamlined process today at Blaauwberg Net Care.....It all went fantastically well,and as pleasant as it could possibly be!
The staff were all extremely courteous and kind .
My "concious " theatre experience ....extremely cheerful and reassuring!!!
Thank you to you ,......and all the efficient pre.organization , ( and patience.!) did to make my experience so easy......
Please thank Dr.Struwig, for his pleasant and kind cheerfulness, and for so skilfully fixing my problem!!
I do really appreciate it all....

Kind Regards,
A G.x, May 2018

Also to mention that Dr Struwig is the most caring Dr I have ever been treated by. As you know, I came in recently for my usual Botox injection and mentioned that I was suffering from a Frozen shoulder (very painful one at that).Not only did he listen to my woes he also prescribed the most appropiate pain medication to carry me though until I could see the shoulder specialist. Please relay to him much I appreciated his care and concern.

GM, March 2018

Dear Dehan,

As always I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate your newsletters, thank you for keeping in touch.

I am positive we should all, throughout our lives, however short or long, strive to be the best we can be. The best human being, the best family member, the best employer or employee, and the best friend we can possibly be. Many of us fall short of these high ideals at times, but as long as we keep on striving and learning along the way, then we are going to be the best we can be.

In the eyes of the people whose lives you have touched somewhere along their life's journey you are definitely the best you can be, and you may never know just how many, or how far, you have influenced people's lives. Continue being the wonderful person you are to so many.

Every good wish for the rest of 2018 to you and your team.

Best Regards

AB, February 2018

Dr Dehan
Ek het al verskeie kere gaan sit en dan debatteer woorde van dank en nostalgie met mekaar…

Die nuusbrief was bevesting dat 2017 ‘n seisoen van ‘challenges’, keuses en baie besluite was wat nou uiteindelik weggepak kan word.

Dr Dehan… dankie vir jou humor en deernis tydens my operasie (so ‘n bitter seer gebeurtenis).
Jou positiewe uitkyk oor die lewe en weereens humor met elke opvolg besoek terwyl jou Professionalisme en menswees nogsteeds hand-aan-hand loop.

Die aanhaling van ‘Sheri S Bessi’
I takes just one taste of hope to turn someones upside down world right side up…
In my lewe het jy presteer in jou lewensdoel… jou handewerk is ‘close to perfection’
I’m not giving up… inside-out!

Be blessed…

SH, January 2018

Ek dink nie ons sal ooit vergeet hoe 2016 afgesluit het en hoe ons die nuwe jaar van 2017 moes ingaan. Maar saam met die pyn van ‘n verbrande voet en verlies van ‘n verbrande plaas en baie skade, het mense soos dr en almal daar by jul praktyk (soos Kash en suster Pontes), ‘n groot verskil in ons lewe kom maak met jul deernis, deeglikheid, uitstekende sorg en absolute omgee vir jul pasient. Ons praat steeds met lof by almal van jul. Ons dink die wereld van dr en die mooi stukkie handewerk om Henriek se voet weer so goed soos nuut te kry!! Ons sal nooit vergeet hoe dr ons onmiddellik gehelp het en hoe jul (insluitend suster Liesl en die narkotiseur) die spanning daardie dag verlig het met jul vriendelikheid daar by die teater. Ons wens jul dus ‘n wonderlike Kersgety toe en mag jul nog groter hoogtes in 2018 bereik met die fantastiese praktyk. Alle voorspoed en seën vir die jaar vorentoe!

Vriendelike groete,
H en M de W, December 2017

I doubt that you have any need to recall my visits because, somewhat fortunately, I have not had occasion to consult you for some years now, but I recall very vividly your meticulous care and successful procedures – probably small in comparison to much of what you are called upon to attend to in your practice.
So, thank you for your passionate interest in your chosen field and I wish you (and all your supporting staff) God’s Speed during the Festive Season and for the New Year.

Kind regards
JS, December 2017

A huge thank you for touching my life in the way you did. Each one of you made an impact. I will never ever forget any of you. Your care, kindness and ability to always share a joke was wonderful. God bless all of you and have a wonderful festive season

MB, December 2017

Ek persoonlik wil net baie dankie se vir die wonderlike behandeling
wat ek by jou en jou personeel ontvang het. Jy het mens altyd op
my gemak laat voel met geen “vrees” vir dit wat dalk mag kom nie.
Baie dankie daarvoor.

BW, December 2017

Dear Dr Struwig and Amori
Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all u have done for me and helped me with for my op.
Both of your kindness and generosity, I really do appreciate
The world is a better place for having people like u both in it
All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart ❣

Kindest regards
J, November 2017

Dr Dehan
Ek het al verskeie kere gaan sit en dan debatteer woorde van dank en nostalgie met mekaar…

Die nuusbrief was bevesting dat 2017 ‘n seisoen van ‘challenges’, keuses en baie besluite was wat nou uiteindelik weggepak kan word.

Dr Dehan… dankie vir jou humor en deernis tydens my operasie (so ‘n bitter seer gebeurtenis).
Jou positiewe uitkyk oor die lewe en weereens humor met elke opvolg besoek terwyl jou Professionalisme en menswees nogsteeds hand-aan-hand loop.

Die aanhaling van ‘Sheri S Bessi’
I takes just one taste of hope to turn someones upside down world right side up…
In my lewe het jy presteer in jou lewensdoel… jou handewerk is ‘close to perfection’
I’m not giving up… inside-out!

Be blessed…

SH, January 2018

Good day, Dr Struwig and Staff

I would like to thank you for all your assistance during my surgery and follow-up consultations. I was so happy with the surgery. Your practice is very efficient and helpful at all times. Would definitely recommend other friends and family to your practice.

Thank you

V G, October 2017

Firstly I would like to just take this opportunity to say a massive Thank you to Dr Struwig and his team for the excellent care they have taken with K. I honestly am so honored to have you treating my daughter and know she is getting the very best care. It makes it a little easier being so far away from her to know there are such wonderful people like you looking after her.


Mommy, September 2017

Every day I thank you for making such a huge difference in my life J

Keep up your high standards.

Warm regards

DD, July 2017

Thank you. Thank you for your informative newsletter.
I receive many, many emails and have to point out that yours is always one that I read from beginning to end.

Thank you for making the time to write these Newsletter, for making each and every patient feel like the most important patient and for being just the caring practitioners that you are!

You both worked miracles on K. I still marvel when I look at her scar on her arm.

I sincerely hope that your patients express their gratitude at the amazing job, passion and practice that you have.

Thank you so much for making such a difference.

Kindest Regards

DP, July 2017


Never lower standards because it makes other feel uncomfortable :) you can’t help it that you’re so fabulous!!
And you know – often the effect – the ripple that comes after, is unseen – it may just have created a huge wave in someones live and definitely for the better.

Yay Struwig team!!

Many thanks for your newsletter.

It really hit home for me!

I agree “we cannot compromise” and so we will work harder to achieve the standards we set for ourselves.

It might go unnoticed by some, but it makes a big difference to us knowing that we are striving to deliver the best!

Many thanks for this insightful message.

Have a wonderful weekend.


DR, June 2017

I just LOVE you all at that practice.

Many a time when I do my chores like cleaning the pool (that is when my mind slows down) some of Dehan’s stories will come to mind and I will just pack out laughing. The next thing everyone else who is watching me will laugh. We know that laughing is as contagious as yawning. Many people feel better because Dehan takes the time with his patients and don’t just rush though the procedures.

Thank you Dehan and team for making every visit to your practice memorable.

Warm regards

MS, June 2017

I thank you Dr Struwig and team who made me feel so much better for managing my condition in a holistic manner.

I must admit that I did not know where to start wrt which doctor I should see. I thank you for the time and the referrals made.

I thank you sincerely.

AC, March 2017

Hi Doc Struwig

Thanks for sharing your accomplishments with us, makes for a good read.

On a personal note, thank you and your staff for all your assistance and care while I underwent my minor operation back in September 2014.

Special thanks to the lovely Elsabe who look after my wound, she is definitely one in a million.

Wishing you all the best for the next 15 years.


MH, July 2015

Jig Dehan – ek wil sommer met die intrapslag "baie geluk" aan jou stuur – die paadjie waarmee jy tot hier gekom het, is fantasties, dis ongewoon en dis ongelooflik motiverend. Ek is natuurlik ook bevoorreg dat ons paaie gekruis het in die einste Vincent Palotti vroeg in 2003 – onthou jy, Lawrence Tucker het my na jou verwys vir die verwydering van onderbeen-melonoom. Ek spog steeds met die netjies letsel (wat mens natuurlik amper nie kan sien nie!) – mens kan mos jou handewerk gladnie voel of sien nie en dit maak deel uit van die fantastiese atmosfeer in jou spreekkamer en jou vrolike entoesiasme laat mens sommer die onbekende berg lag-lag. Ag sommer net – baie baie dankie wat jy vir sovele daarbuite beteken – dis seker nie maklik om met 'n letsel vrede te maak nie maar jou slag met die skalpel maak dit net eenvoudig vir almal maklik. Baie dankie ook vir jou vrolike geaardheid – jou kwinkslae en laggie laat mens dadelik gerus voel. Ek glo die ondersteuning van jou gesin en jou bekwame span maak alles die moeite werd. Kyk ook mooi na jouself, moenie die kers aan al die kante brand nie en mag jy nog vele jare hier in die mooiste Kaap in Afrika praktiseer.


MT, July 2015

Hi Dr Struwig,
Thank you for this fascinating account of your career.
I really enjoyed reading it.

I am happy to report that thanks to you, all is well since my melanoma op in February 2012.

You helped me tremendously through very scary moments.
Your consultations before and after the op, and the wound treatments thereafter were the best.

Thank you for your being so caring and reassuring.

Warm regards,
A(Bangbroek) W, July 2015

Hi Dr Struwig,

Fantastic article, what a great way to start my Friday.

I thought I should drop you quick mail just to touch base and say thank you.

In late 2012, I was sitting in Blaauwberg hospital after an accident in the gym left me with a severely severed and compound fractured (wedding ring) finger.

I remember it like it was yesterday, It was around 7pm on a Thursday evening. The resident Dr on shift that evening, after x-rays and inspection, advised me that due to the severe nature of said compound fracture my only option was amputation. Naturally, this isn't something you want to hear on a casual Thursday eve, especially if you had made plans to for drinks with a gorgeous woman you've had your eyes on for quite some time. lol

Eventually I managed to convince the Dr to call in the "big guns", in the hopes of saving my finger even though odds were against me. After about an hour of waiting, due to you literally leaving your home and family to drive all the over to Blaauwberg hospital just to see if my finger could even be saved.......... In walks Dr Struwig.

After a glimpse at my finger and the Dr on call explaining my situation , you took off your jacket, sat down, and with a confident grin said to me "I'll have you out of here in 20 min, finger intact".

The passion, precision and finesse with which you work, is superseded only by your love for sports cars. Considering I am just as car besotted and was working for BMW at the time, we had lots to talk about. Before I knew it, I was all stitched up and ready to go.

Before leaving, because of the antibiotics you had given me, I cheekily asked if it would be ok to have a drink, to which your replied "have 3"..... suffice to say, DAY MADE.

So Thank you Dr, you are a true master of your craft and I cannot speak highly enough of you.

I trust this mail finds you well and wish you nothing but the best going forward.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Kind Regards
JPdP, July 2015

Thank you Dr Struwig. I have so enjoyed reading your personal story (click link). Thank you for sharing it with us. Just this week I had an sms from a friend asking if I could recommend a plastic surgeon. I told her I would recommend none other than Dr Struwig! I am great friends with CB and have journeyed with her through her ordeal. Her healing has been remarkable and I know she will forever be grateful for your skillful part in her recovery.

I have just finished a book called Brain Matter by Dr David Levy. He is an American neurosurgeon who made a decision to offer to pray with his patients before each operation. It's so reassuring for patients to have surgeons, like yourself and Dr Levy, who bring a sense of gentle calm and reassurance during times of trauma.

I look forward to the next segment!

YK, July 2015

Dear Dr and Mrs Struwig, your kindness has been incredible over the last few years - I am so grateful to you both for your endless good humour and thoughtfulness.

Best wishes, LC, January 2015

Dear Dr Struwig, thank you so much for your kind generosity and for everything you have done. I am extremely grateful! I found it very difficult to make sense of my failed ear operations and thought they could not be fixed, which frustrated me very much, but you have improved them and fort that I cannot thank you enough.

Kind regards, GC, December 2014

Dear Dr Struwig, at the end of April, this year, my daughter celebrated her 21st birthday. Eight years ago you inserted a prosthetic implant under the pectoral muscle, after I had my right breast removed because of cancer. To date it has given me no problems. While celebrating her birthday, I realised with gratitude that I had not only survived the operation, but have just been given the all clear for another year of health. I appreciate the time, effort and friendliness which you brought to this situation. My daughter was just entering her teens at the time, but is now a young woman in her third year of university and enjoying it. I am alive and with appreciation, and thanks, have been able to watch her growth.

Kind regards, MP, December 2014

Dear Dr Struwig

Thank you for your moving newsletter. Although the procedure which you carried out on my arm was relatively simple in comparison to the major surgical procedures which you no doubt perform I was struck by the friendliness and caring which you and your team displayed towards me. From the moment I first made contact with Lynda until my final appointment with you I felt like a member of the family and not just a number. One seldom comes across such caring concern and love in this day and age where everyone is in a rush and do not have time for the little things that make life worthwhile.

Please convey my thanks to everyone on the team and my best wishes to all for a wonderful Christmas and healthy and successful New Year.

Kindest regards
R D, December 2014

Dear Doc and Elsabe,

I wish to let you both know that I am well and happy.

You were both so wonderful to me and went far beyond to support and encourage me during a very low point in my 56 years.

You are both loving people and this you shared with me.

Had to let you know that both of you mean so much to me and thanks from the bottom of my heart

Respect and the fondest of regards

J L, November 2014

My very sincere thanks, once again, to Dr Strüwig for his expert care in removing the threat of melanoma from my back and for his advice and his caring and his wonderful, uplifting humour. Melanoma it was that claimed the life of a very, very dear friend of mine in December of 2012. I have been spared. Praise the Lord.

Thank you, Dr Dehan, thank you very sincerely. May the Lord reward you and bless for your kindness and your expertise.


F BJ R Queenstown, November 2014

Doc Struwig, Amori Struwig People like you are my super heroes. God bless you and protect you always.

Thank you for all your help, advice, patience, information, caring, loving and giving. For going the extra mile for me.

Thank you. I love you both. Patricia B, November 2014

I want to give a big thank you to all, Dr Struwig, Elsabe, Linda and Amori for the excellent treatment we have received thus far and for making the experience much more easier to cope and deal with.

To Elsabe the biggest hug ever for always being there when I’m on a low or just feeling down even when not working. You have become my pillar of strenth in the past year and no words or gifts can express what I feel and will ever be enough to say thank you.

To Dr Struwig I want to say, You are the best and your humor and smile everytime we see you just makes everything so much easier. I can never say enough thank you’s to you for making W your project and to always show so much care and concern and I have Faith that before you retire, (haha) that you will find a cure for W’s condition.

To Amori a big thank you for always worrying about W’s education and for the encouragement to him to always give his best and not to let this keep him back and for always looking at ways as to what will work and to try anything and everything to find a cure.

To Linda a huge thank you for that smile eveytime we enter the door and for trying to accommodate us with the appointments, as working parents it’s not always easy but you go out of your way to assist in making it convenient for us even though at times I know it’s impossible.

Thank You, R H, October 2014

Beste Amori en Dr Struwig,

Na baie kilometers en uitmergelende padwerke is ons uiteindelik tuis.

Ek wil namens my en my man BAIE DANKIE SÊ vir jou en Dr.
Jy het alles so professioneel en volledig hanteer - baie baie dankie.
En hy het n ongelooflike joppie gedoen - ek is só tevrede. Voel letterlik of n berg van skouers (borste) af is

Dra asb ons grootste dank en waardering aan Dr oor - hy is nie bloot n knap chirurg nie, maar n merkwaardige mens!

Ek sal enigeen na julle aanbeveel.

Dankbare groete, P, October 2014

We have been without our computer for over two weeks making this message late but none the less sincere.

It was amazing to see the healing that had taken place when the scab fell off my knee wound leaving just a small scar.

A very big thank you for the wonderful care, attention and support I received to achieve this result. There is such a welcoming and calming atmosphere when entering your rooms giving one the feeling of being safe and amongst friends.

My grateful thanks to you all, A B, October 2014

Dear Dr Struwig

I wish to thank you for the part you have played in my recovery since my fall in March this year. I have often thanked God that you were called on the night of my accident. I have so appreciated all the compassion, care, skill and genuine concern you have shown for my well-being. It has been a challenging year for me, however, the expert medical treatment and care have enabled me to rise above the hurdles. I am comforted by the trust I have in you and know that 2014 will bring further improvements.

Grateful thanks, Cheryl, December 2013.

Allow me to thank you for everything you have done to ensure the smooth process ofmy surgery in Cape Town. I have safely returned to Namibia and my ear is so far doing well as I am following your guidelines exactly as discussed.

A big thank you especially to Amori with all the help with my arrangements and
administrative requirements, I am very grateful to you and the rest of your team who were always helpful and friendly telephonically and when I went in for my
appointments in person.

The level of professionalism and efficiency is well worth mentioning, as I have never come across such service in Namibia to date. Surgery is not a pleasant experience to undergo, but your practice has certainly benchmarked a level of service that makes the experience pleasant.

Please extend my sincere thanks to your team, from reception to accounts to your
wound nurse Elsabe -losing my ear was traumatic, but the gift of my new ear with allits adjustments inbetween has changed my life and confidence forever.

Welda, Namibia, November 2013

It has been nearly seven years since I was wheeled in as a crumbled mess into your surgery after hours. I had an accident, falling down a navel ladder. The skin on my scalp had peeled off from nape to forehead, hair and all. By some sort of miracle, you not only cleaned up the bloody mess and you stitched the skin back over my scalp, under local anaesthetic of course.

The miracle continued. My hair actually grew back without changing colour. Every time I look at myself in the mirror I mean to write and thank you. Finally, this is it, complete with photograph taken recently on safari in the bushvedlt. I am now eighty three years old. Like Johny Walker, I am still going strong?

Yours sincerely, David, July 2013.

Hi Amori and Dr Struwig (aka MR BRILLIANT)

I just want to drop you both an email quickly to just say WOW! My prayers have been answered and one of them was indeed answered when I met the two of you!
I cannot thank you enough for this unbelievable experience, which has surpassed all my expectations.

What more could a girl ask for? The perfect Surgeon and the perfect practice Manager that made everything happen so seamlessly.
The entire experience has been amazing and not near as painful as what I imagined. I’m almost back to my old self besides the driving myself of course. Back at the office today.

Thank you again for everything! You have changed my life!

Sam, Cape Town, June 2013

To Dr Struwig and Amori
In thanks and appreciation for your much needed support over these last weeks.

Amori, I will always be grateful to you for your effort and time and concern around assisting me prior to my operation and making breakthrough with your beautifully composed letter. I was feeling so disheartened, but I am so looking forward to seeing the process through to the end now.

Jane, Cape Town.

Dear Dr Struwig

Thank you for your tireless efforts and going the extra mile.

God Bless.

Lorraine, Cape Town.

Dear Dr Struwig

Thank you for taking care of me and the marvellous job you did on my leg. I was truly inspired by your amazing character full of joy and humour and your ability to have fun under serious situations! Your life has brought such direction and inspiration to mine. I’ll never forget the times we spent in the operating rooms or during consultation with you!

Take care.

Luke, Cape Tow