The use of fat to improve breast size, correct breast irregularities or address anatomical differences between breasts has become a routine surgical procedure in the hands of the experienced plastic surgeon.

Fat grafting to the breast can also be used to hide or enhance several deformities presenting after other breast procedures, such as loss of volume to the upper pole of the breast, rippling of implants, small contour deformities like dents, or enhancing the size of existing implants, without replacing the implants.

Suitable patients

Patients undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedure should be healthy, psychologically stable and realistic in their expectations.

Cosmetic surgery must be tailored to each patient, depending on their concerns and their specific anatomy. 

You could consider this procedure if:

  • You would like to have a small to moderate breast enhancement and would prefer not to have implants.
  • You present with small to moderate breast asymmetry, which you would like to have corrected.

The following cannot be corrected/improved with this procedure:

  • Large enhancements (more than one cup size)
  • A breast lift if you are experiencing sagging of both breasts