Weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding and aging can leave a woman’s breasts without shape or contour.  
A mastopexy or breast lift can be performed to re-shape and lift the breast, nipple and areola into a more youthful position.  Women with too much breast volume can combine the procedure with a breast reduction, while those lacking volume can combine it with the placement of implants, in a procedure known as augmentation mastopexy.
Suitable patients

Patients undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedure should be healthy, psychologically stable and realistic in their expectations.

Mastopexy procedures must be tailored to each patient, depending on the exact concerns of the patient, the patient’s breast anatomy and skin quality of the breast.
You could consider this surgical procedure if:
  • you would like to restore your breast shape after pregnancy, breast feeding or weight loss.
  • you would like to obtain a perkier breast shape than before.
The following cannot be corrected/removed or improved by a mastopexy procedure:
  • the size of your breasts – you would need to combine the procedure with either a reduction or an augmentation (enlargement).