Facial fat grafting is an important part of facial rejuvenation and is often performed as part of a face lift procedure, but can also be performed separately.  Facial fat grafting plumps the cheeks and lips, smooths under eye bags, and softens creases and wrinkles, very much like dermal fillers.

Facial fat is the padding that offers volume and a soft, youthful face. Loss of volume in the face results in sagging, loose skin and wrinkles.  This loss of volume is the result of thinning of the skin, and atrophy of fat, bone and muscle. 

Fat is harvested from one part of the body, processed and meticulously injected into the face to improve contour by correcting volume deficiencies.  Skin texture and thickness are also improved, and minor lifting can be achieved.

Suitable patients

Patients undergoing any cosmetic surgery procedure should be healthy, psychologically stable and realistic in their expectations.

You could consider this procedure if:

  • you lack volume of the face.
  • you do not have too much loose skin of the face.
  • you would like to improve the contour of your face, by adding volume to your cheeks, under eye area, chin and lips.

The following cannot be corrected/improved with this procedure:

  • excess loose skin of the face.
  • excess sagging of the face.

Dermal fillers can be used as an alternative to facial fat grafting.