The neck has been a feature of beauty and sensuality for many years and is often the first area of the face to show aging. If you have lost weight, you might have loose-hanging skin of the neck that has lost elasticity. A neck lift and neck liposuction can restore shape to your neck.

Suitable patients

Patients undergoing cosmetic surgery should be healthy, psychologically stable and realistic in their expectations.

Neck lift surgery and neck liposuction are tailored to each patient, depending on the concerns and the condition of the neck of each patient. 

You can undergo neck lift surgery and neck liposuction at any age. Young patients with significant fat and some degree of excess skin, or who have lost significant weight are suitable candidates for neck lift and neck liposuction procedures.

Ideal candidates for neck liposuction will have firm, elastic skin with fat pockets or excessive skin in the neck. Patients with diminished skin elasticity in the neck may not achieve the same result as patients with tighter skin.

You should be close to your ideal weight, as weight gain or weight loss after surgery will influence the surgical results.

You could consider this surgical procedure if you have:

  • subcutaneous fat of the neck
  • excess, loose skin of the neck
  • a turkey/wattle neck
  • a double or triple chin
  • neck muscle banding
  • loss of a sharp neck angle
  • loss of jaw definition

The following cannot be corrected/removed or improved by a neck lift or neck liposuction:

  • Excessive deep wrinkling of the skin of the neck.
  • Textural changes to the skin of the neck, especially if the skin is very thin.
  • Pigmentation to the skin of the neck

These problems can be corrected by chemical peels, microneedling, dermabrasion or laser treatments.

In many cases neck lifts or neck liposuction is performed in conjunction with a face lift. This is especially the case in the older patient, with fat deposits and lax, loose skin of the face and neck.