“Time management” is a phrase that management gurus have coined a long time ago. I’ve always found the concept odd. As far as I am concerned, time is a given, and cannot be managed. The only thing that we can manage, is ourselves, and what we do with our time. The biggest challenge we face each day is fitting into 24 hours that which is essential to achieve our goal of living a happy, successful and content life.

This is the way in which I meet my patients. Having been in private practice for quite some time means that I have many repeat patients – patients who have become part of the practice family over the years, and who have in the meantime referred many of their friends and family. There is no greater support than word of mouth referral, and I appreciate each of these.

You have chosen your medical aid, and the specific plan you belong to – and you should understand the implications of your choice. Inevitably you need to make decisions based on your economic means, but this could still leave you with large copayments to settle medical bills.