A wide variety of corrective breast surgeries can be performed, and not all of these are necessarily cosmetic of nature:


  • Breast enlargement with either implants, a patient’s own fat or a combination of the two
  • Breast reduction for both women and men
  • Correction of asymmetrical breasts, sometimes in the case of congenital abnormalities like Poland’s syndrome, where the one breast does not develop at all.
  • Breast lifts can be performed, combined with reduction or enlargement or fat grafting to lift sagging breasts.
  • Reconstruction of breasts after breast cancer, by means of utilising a patient’s own tissues (autologous breast reconstruction), or placing breast implants, often after a tissue expander was placed), or with a patient’s own fat, or using a combination of these.
  • Areolas can be made smaller, inverted nipples corrected or too large nipples reduced. In the case of breast cancer, new nipples can be created for patients where nipples had to be removed, and areola or nipple tattooing are often used to restore the nipple-areola complex, even if only artistically.