Whereas makeup can be used to hide an aging face to some degree, hiding aging of the neck and décolletage or chest area is difficult – unless you’re willing to wear scarves and polo necks across all seasons.

Sun damage to the chest is usually severe, only because we forget to apply sunscreen lavishly to this area, and while we protect our faces with hats and caps, our chests remain bare.

The first line of defence to prevent lines and wrinkles and pigmentation in this area, therefore, is an SPF50 re-applied every two hours, especially if you are outside in the sun. The skin in this area has far less pilosebaceous units, and therefore does not create as much of its own natural moisturising factor, additional help is needed.

My favourite skin care product is the Neostrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream, which as been specially formulated to treat the sensitive skin of the neck and décolletage. Our patients love this product as well!

The skin of the neck and décolletage is different than that of the face, and therefore treatments need to be adjusted to treat these areas. Microneedling remains the best treatment modality, and needs to be performed very carefully, as these areas take longer to recover than the face. Chemical peels treat pigmentation changes in this area very effectively after several sessions.

Our October and November special includes a free Advanced Skin Analysis and Visia Complexion Analysis consultation. All chemical peels in October and November will include treatment to the neck and décolletage at no extra cost. All microneedling treatments will cost R1500.00 including the neck and décolletage area (normally R2000.00).