We tend to act responsibly when it comes to servicing our cars, or maintaining our homes, but forget about ourselves. So, before life gets in the way, remember that prevention and early diagnosis of medical problems are the two first steps of responsible self-care.

Make your yearly appointments now and spread them over the year to help with financial planning.
If you make your appointment according to Health Awareness Months, you could probably make use of some special offers during these months. Not only that, you are sure to get an appointment if you make it now – you can organise the rest of your life around these appointments. Here is a handy list you can use.

  1. January is Skin Cancer Awareness Month
    - Book an appointment at a dermatologist, have a full body scan and mole mapping done. Just because the month is at an end, does not mean that you should not make the appointment.

  2. February is the month of Love
    - Look after your partner this month and arrange his/her health care appointments for the year.

  3. March is the start of a new season
    - As seasons change our skin care needs change. Book your appointment now for a free Advanced Skin Analysis consultation to determine which factors influence the way in which your skin is ageing, and which steps you can take for a healthier skin.

  4. April is NO time for April Fools
    - Don’t fool around! If you plan to have cosmetic surgery done this year, remember to book your consultation at least three months before you plan to have your surgery to avoid disappointment.
    - If you are planning a big event, allow at least three months recovery time after surgery.

  5. MAY you not forget
    - Book your first non-surgical cosmetic surgery appointment (Botox, Fillers, Silhouette Lift).

  6. June is National Blood Donor Month
    - If you have never donated blood before, find a friend and find out when and where you can donate blood in June. Diarise it now and start that commitment of sharing your life with someone else.
    - If you are a blood donor, download the Western Cape Blood Transfusion Services App to your cell phone, find out when the clinics are scheduled for the year, and diarise these now.

  7. July is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
    - Time to book your first or follow up gastroscopy or colonoscopy.

  8. August is National Women’s Month and Organ Donor Month
    - Schedule your gynae appointment for August.
    - Don’t wait until August to register as an organ donor – do it now.

  9. September is Heart Awareness and Oral Health Month
    - If you suffer from heart disease, schedule your annual visit to your cardiologist for September.
    - Book an appointment with your dentist and oral hygienist.

  10. October is Eye Care Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness Month
    - Book your annual eye test and your mammogram.

  11. November is Male Health Awareness Month
    - Our turn to have our annual “mammogram” – book an appointment with your urologist.

  12. Your birthday month
    - When is your birthday? Book a consultation with your physician in your birthday month, make sure you are healthy to share another year of your life with your loved ones.