Life events shape our lives in many forms, and every year is challenging in many ways. These challenges make me think about the journey I have chosen, make me wonder whether there is not more to life than fighting every day to be the best I can be

, fighting that my patients will get the best possible medical care, fighting with medical aids for my patients’ benefits, fighting with people who doubt my integrity and my true intentions. Is all this worthwhile? Surely there is more to life than this daily struggle?

And while watching a favorite program of mine on TV, Criminal Minds, my favorite character, David Rossi, offered one of his many philosophical insights “let them see who we are”, in answer to a similar dilemma to the one I was facing.

This has become my practice philosophy: my practice will tackle each day with the intention of showing you that we are authentic, that we have integrity, that we care and that we are kind. We will show you that we are professional, skilled and experienced. We will demonstrate our passion, our dedication and our determination. And we will do this while having fun and laughter along the way.