As plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I am particularly blessed, in that I have an incredibly interesting and diverse field of study. I can operate on any part of the anatomy, and my work is not only dedicated to cosmetic surgery, as many patients think, but I also do a lot of reconstructive work. In addition to that, I can perform many non-surgical cosmetic surgery procedures. Above all, plastic surgery is the field of medicine which probably shows the most promise for pushing boundaries and developing new frontiers, with the development of nano-technology, skin substitutes, 3D-printing and more.

This is the way in which I meet my patients. Having been in private practice for quite some time means that I have many repeat patients – patients who have become part of the practice family over the years, and who have in the meantime referred many of their friends and family. There is no greater support than word of mouth referral, and I appreciate each of these.

Life events shape our lives in many forms, and every year is challenging in many ways. These challenges make me think about the journey I have chosen, make me wonder whether there is not more to life than fighting every day to be the best I can be