Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder - Plato

If we but open our eyes and look around us, we can see beauty in abundance enriching our lives every day – the beauty of a frail flower opening its petals for the very first time, the beauty of a bee frantically collecting pollen to carry to its hive, the beauty of experience lines on wise faces, the beauty of decay in autumn leaves scattered under centuries’ old oak trees.

Two questions patients ask often, are: “Do I really need a consultation? Can doctor not quickly have a look and do the operation, or just inject me with Botox, without a consultation?”

Since the day I started my private practice, I promised myself that I would NEVER discuss finances with my patients. And as far as possible, I have kept that promise.

Faces age due to several genetic and external factors that have an impact on the underlying structures of bone, fat, muscle and tissue, as wells as the “canvas” that covers your face (and indeed your body) - skin.