This procedure is performed where a patient was born without an external ear (microtia) or has lost a part of the external ear due to an accident or cancer.

During this procedure rib cartilage is harvested, an ear framework carved and assembled, and placed into a skin pocket in the correct anatomical position. During the second stage of the procedure the ear is elevated to have the same projection as a normal ear. Autologous ear reconstruction offers an aesthetically pleasing result with lasting durability.

The procedure is technically challenging and should only be performed by adequately trained and experienced plastic surgeons. I have completed a fellowship with Dr Francois Firmin, a world leader in this kind of ear reconstruction. I also belong to the International Society of Auricular Reconstruction (ISAR) and keep myself updated with the newest trends and techniques in this specialised field.

I will discuss the various reconstructive options with you, based on your specific circumstances. Your safety is essential and will remain the primary concern in reconstructive procedures. Any reconstructive procedure will be tailored to you, considering the best aesthetic outcome, and the impact the reconstruction may have on your lifestyle.