Breast reconstruction after breast cancer is performed to restore shape and form to the area where a diseased breast was removed during a procedure called a mastectomy. Breast reconstruction can be done at the same surgical sitting as the breast cancer surgery or can be performed once the cancer treatment programme has been completed or the cancer correctly staged and treatment options determined.

Using the patient’s own fat to reconstruct a breast after breast cancer or to refine the results of breast reconstruction is a relatively new technique, which I have been using very successfully for the last ten years. This procedure has truly changed my patients’ lives: the hard tissue resulting from radiation therapy for breast cancer has effectively been softened, ensuring that patients not only experience far more comfort, but also a more aesthetically pleasing outcome.

The dents resulting from some reconstruction procedures, including lumpectomies, deformities of shape and size and visible, palpable breast prostheses due to thin tissue cover can all be addressed very effectively with fat grafting. Where small enhancements are needed to attain symmetry between a reconstructed breast and a healthy breast, or even between two reconstructed breasts, fat grafting can be effective.

Your safety is essential and will remain the primary concern in reconstructive procedures. Any reconstructive procedure will be tailored to you, considering the best aesthetic outcome, and the impact the reconstruction may have on your lifestyle.