Breast reconstruction after breast cancer is performed to restore shape and form to the area where a diseased breast was removed during a procedure called a mastectomy. Breast reconstruction can be done at the same surgical sitting as the breast cancer surgery or can be performed once the cancer treatment programme has been completed or the cancer correctly staged and treatment options determined.

In certain circumstances the patient’s own skin, fat and muscle can be taken from one body area, like the abdomen, back, buttocks or inner thighs, and used to create a reconstructed breast. This procedure is referred to as autologous breast reconstruction, and although the results last a lifetime and can feel quite natural, the newly reconstructed breast will not have the sensation of a normal breast.

The quality of the breast reconstruction is influenced by the plastic surgeon’s skills, but also by the amount of missing tissue, the patient’s health conditions, the size of the opposite breast and cancer treatment options.

Your safety is essential and will remain the primary concern in reconstructive procedures. Any reconstructive procedure will be tailored to you, considering the best aesthetic outcome, and the impact the reconstruction may have on your lifestyle.